What cultivars did you grow?

by Erik
(MN & WI)

I am assuming you planted day neutral cultivars since you were able to harvest berries in 8 weeks after planting. Also the size of the berries appear to be day neutral. Could you tell me the cultivar? How many #s per plant did you get? Also have you ever used this method to grow June berries? If so what cultivar and how many #s per plant did you get? Thanks Erik - Scenic Valley Farms WI/MN


Hi Erik,

We grew 2 cultivars:

-An ever bearing cultivar named Eversweet
-A June bearing named Chandler

The Chandler performed better, and produced the highest quality berries.

Can't give you a pounds per plant - my record keeping isn't the best! But I can tell you that the poundage probably wouldn't be considered impressive compared to field grown berries. We were growing these for the novelty (and potential high-prices!) of having fresh, local berries available in late winter.

I should also tell you that we are at a southerly latitude (Texas), so our days are relatively long, even in winter.

These were grown in a greenhouse. But even outside we can plant dormant plants in the field in October, and be harvesting berries by late March. We did this in the past for a pick-your-own operation, and had strawberries in the field available for customers to pick from late March to around mid-June.

The timing would be considerably different, of course, for your far more northerly latitude.

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