Using a Hanging Strawberry Bag to Escape Ground-Bound Problems

Using a strawberry bag is an innovative method for growing strawberries without a garden.

All you need is a place where the hanging strawberry planter can get full sun.

The hanging strawberry plants will be immune from many of the soil borne diseases and insects that can plaque ground-bound strawberries.

But growing your plants in a hanging strawberry bag comes with a few disadvantages, too.  

The Topsy Turvy Strawberry Planter 

If you’ve heard of the Topsy Turvy tomato planter, then you’re already familiar with the concept of growing plants in a hanging bag planter.

The Topsy Turvy planter is filled with potting soil and strawberry plants, and then suspended from a pole, roof overhang or tree limb (or whatever location you can come up with) where it will get mostly full sun. 

Growing your strawberry plants in a bag is an interesting concept, and it does offer several advantages:

  • No Garden Required!
    The most obvious advantage of using a hanging strawberry bag is that you don’t need a garden. You only need access to sunlight. That makes growing strawberries assessable to just about anyone – even urbanites with only a patio or balcony.
  • Eliminates Drudge Work
    The entire process of preparing garden soil for strawberries and then planting the strawberries is fun and fulfilling. But let’s face it – it’s also a lot of work. And the stooping, squatting, lifting and digging can be physically challenging for some folks. Using a hanging planter eliminates any physical difficulty involved with growing strawberries, and makes everything from the planting to the picking as easy as can be.
  • Easier to Grow Organically
    Growing the strawberry plants off the ground, with air circulating all around them, will reduce or eliminate many of the mold and fungus problems that can attack foliage and fruit. And there will be no concerns about soil-borne diseases and pests such as cutworms and nematodes. Of course, you’ll still have to beat the birds to the berries!
  • Frost Protection is Easy
    You can start your strawberries really early, without any concerns about providing frost protection. Just take the bag inside overnight, and put it back out in the sun after the threat of frost has passed. Be aware, though, that these bags are quite heavy when filled with potting soil and plants that have been watered. So you’ll need someone with a strong back to move the bag around if that need arises. 

As with most anything, there are also some disadvantages to counter the advantages. Sorting through the reviews of the Topsy Turvy hanging strawberry planter at revealed a few problems customers have complained about (some customers loved the Topsy Turvy planter, and some were less than impressed):

  • A few customers reported problems with the bag tearing.
  • Requires frequent watering. (You could set up an automated system with a timer if you wished.)
  • Some had problems inserting the strawberry plants through the ‘starburst’ portals in the sides of the planter.
  • The weight of the bag if you have to move it.
  • Some customers were dismayed to find that strawberry plants weren’t included. You have to buy them separately. 

Going to Give it a Try?

If you decide to try the hanging strawberry bag technique for growing strawberries, please use the form below to let us know how it turns out (or how it turned out, if you’ve already tried it).

I’d be interested in knowing how it turns out for you, and I’m sure many others would as well. 

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