Rash on my thumb and forefinger from pruning tomatoes

by Lee

After trimming my tomato plants I get a very painful rash on my hands. I will wear rubber gloves from now on and hope this will stop the rash from coming back.

Is there anyone else that has this problem?


Hi Lee,

Sorry that happened to you.

I've never experienced that problem myself, but I always wear latex gloves when I'm pruning large quantities of tomatoes.

(I use latex gloves sold in the paint department of stores like Home Depot and Lowes.)

It's not really surprising, though, that some people would have an allergic reaction to tomatoes. The foliage of tomatoes - as you may already know - is poisonous.

Tomato leaves and stems contain the toxic substances of atrophine and tomatine, among other bad-for-you substances.

Don't know if it's true or not, but Wikipedia reports that at least one person has died from drinking a tea made from tomato leaves!

It will be interesting to see if anyone else reports having had an allergic reaction to working with their tomato plants.

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