Jersey Blueberries in Belleville

by Tony
(Belleville, Canada)

Jersey Blueberries!

Jersey Blueberries!

I started taking care of my first blueberry bush when I was driving around Belleville and ended up in Trenton. There we saw a plant nursery, and when I went in I saw a bunch of plants and seeds.

So then I asked the lady where the blueberry plants are and she tells me to go outside and to the left till I get to the blueberries. When I got there all I saw is plants and I saw a Jersey blueberry plant, so I decided to get that one. I was super excited!

When we got home to Belleville, I started my blueberry plant in a small container from the nursery. Later, I transplanted it to a 3 gallon pot, then in May my plant started blooming.

I've been watering it a little each night and it's getting bigger. I'm looking forward to getting some delicious blueberries this August!


Hi Tony,

Sounds like you're off to a great start. I bet those blueberries will be good -- even more so since they'll be from your own blueberry plant!

With a bit of luck, you'll be picking berries from your plant for many summers to come.


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