Home Hydroponics: A Fun Way to Grow Top Quality Fruit and Veggies

Growing plants using home hydroponics systems is becoming more and more popular as a side branch of backyard gardening.

There's Good Reason for That...

You may not believe it, but you can grow the best produce you've ever tasted in your LIFE using a hydroponic system!

As of this writing, I've been a commercial hydroponic grower for more than 10 years.

I've sold our produce to mega-chains like Whole Foods.

And I can tell you that customers absolutely LOVE our hydroponic crops like tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers.

They love it enough, for example, that they're willing to pay $4 per pound for our tomatoes. They love it enough that they're willing to pay $4 per head for our butterhead lettuce.

Why do customers love our hydroponic produce so much?

It comes down to two very simple reasons:

1) Hydroponic Produce Tastes Great

Lush, crisp butterhead lettuce growing hydroponically - almost ready to harvest

I think that there's a common misperception about hydroponic produce.

Many people in the general public, I believe, tend to think of hydroponic growing as an unnatural, artificial way of producing food.

And to a certain extent, of course, they're right. Plants don't grow in nature the way we grow them hydroponically.

But that's actually missing the point.

Hydroponic growing can produce impressive crops

The REAL point is that by growing plants hydroponically, you can give them everything they need to be absolutely perfect.

Every nutrient.

Exactly the right amount of water.

The perfect environment.

In short, you can give your plants EVERYTHING Mother Nature intends them to have.

The result?

Produce that TASTES the very best that it possibly can.

Produce that contains ALL of the minerals and nutrients that Mother Nature intends them to have when you consume them. So the fruit and veggies you grow are tastier AND healthier for you.

I can't tell you how many times people from on-farm customers to grocery store produce managers have said: "Your tomatoes are the best I've ever tasted!"

And I humbly agree; they're the best that I'VE ever tasted, too!

2) Hydroponic Produce Looks Great

The beauty of our hydroponic tomatoes is surpassed only by their flavor!

Most of what we grow hydroponically is picture-perfect:

  • Ruby-red, perfectly shaped tomatoes with pristine, unblemished skin
  • Lush, emerald-green lettuce with perfectly formed heads and flawless leaves
  • Adorable mini-cucumbers marred with nary a blemish
  • Big, irresistible strawberries that sparkle like sapphires in the summer sun

Now in truth, the beauty of all that good lookin' produce isn't due entirely to hydroponics. It's partly due to the fact that we grow the plants in the sheltered environment of greenhouses.

But because of the perfect nutrition that we can supply the plants, they have all the building blocks they need to produce cosmetically perfect produce.

You Can Do the Very Same with Home Hydroponics

I've told you that I do most of my hydroponic growing large-scale, on a commercial farm.

Multiple varieties of hydroponic lettuce

But all the principles that I use to produce such wonderful, healthy, tasty veggies and fruit can be scaled down to any size.

If you want to put up a little hobby greenhouse in your backyard and grow hydroponic crops, you can do it. If you want to set up a little hydroponic growing station inside your house or on your patio, you can do that, too.

You'll be able to get the very same top-quality results that I've been so shamelessly bragging about.

And as a nice fringe benefit, I predict that you'll have LOTS of fun in the process!

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