Tomato Grow Bag:
Tomato Growing Can't Possibly Be Made Easier!

Tomato growing will never get easier than using this tomato grow bag.

Do you have a hankering for the flavor of homegrown tomatoes, but not all that keen on all the digging, tilling, weeding, watering and sweating that goes with growing your own?

Or maybe you've tried growing your own, but just haven't had much success.

In either case, this product was custom made for you!

Because growing tomatoes has never been easier than with this Tomato Cube growing bag. Here's how complicated starting your tomato garden will be with the Tomato Cube:

  • remove the growing bag from the shipping box
  • stick a tomato plant in the planting hole
  • fill the automatic watering device with water and stick it in the watering hole

Your tomato garden is planted!

Perfect for those who aren't all that keen on all the sweaty grunt work that goes into traditional garden prep. And a great way to grow tasty homegrown tomatoes for those without a garden.

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