Green Zebra Tomato

The Green Zebra tomato looks like it belongs in a jungly tropical climate. But in spite of its exotic looks, it's just a regular ol' tomato plant, and will do just fine in your backyard.

Strictly speaking, the Green Zebra probably isn't an heirloom plant; it was developed relatively recently. But because of its unusual appearance, it's often considered to be an heirloom.

Heirloom or not, this tomato is aptly named, with dark green stripes running generally stem to bottom against a lighter green to yellowish background. Cut it open and you'll find green flesh (even when ripe) that tends to be sweetish with a bit of a tang.

Produces small fruits, roughly 2-3 inches and 3 ounces. The Green Zebra tomato is a determinate variety that usually grows to a height of about 3 - 4 feet.

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