The General Hydroponics WaterFarm: Possibly the Best System for Newbie Hydroponic Growers

The General Hydroponics WaterFarm certainly isn't the least expensive hydroponic growing system on the market. 

But it might be the best system for newbie hydroponic growers. It's designed to provide an easy start for beginners. 

It's truly a complete system, providing everything you need to get started except for your seeds. 

And it certainly helps that General Hydroponics is a well-established company. They've been in business for about 40 years, and is considered one of the most trusted and respected companies in hydroponics. 

Through the years, they've developed a reputation for quality, innovative products.

A True Plug N Play System

One of the features of the WaterFarm that makes it so perfect for beginners is that it's a complete system. It provides everything you need to get started except for your seeds. 

And that includes the plant nutrients. Whatever you plan to grow, the nutrients you need are included with the kit.

General Hydroponics has developed a unique 3-part nutrient called the Flora Series. And you tailor it for the crop you choose to grow by mixing the 3 parts in the appropriate ratios.

How It Works…

The WaterFarm is a constantly circulating hydroponic system. A continuously running pump circulates water from the reservoir in the bottom, and out the drip ring. 

The water exiting the drip ring percolates through the growing medium, and eventually drips back into the nutrient reservoir, picking up oxygen in the process. 

The blue drain tube is one of the innovative features of the WaterFarm.

In the upright position, it provides an easy visual indication of the nutrient level with just a glance. 

And when it's time to change out the nutrient solution, just rotating the tube down drains the tank.

That makes disposal of the old nutrient system a snap (instead of the headache that it is for most systems).

Easy Expandability

The WaterFarm is designed to work either as a standalone hydroponic system, utilizing just a single bucket, or as larger system of multiple buckets. The square shape of the bucket permits expansion with minimal use of available space.

And if you choose to expand upon your hydroponic growing hobby, you can upgrade to General Hydroponics' 8-Pack WaterFarm system. This system features 8 of the standard WaterFarm modules, along with a 13-gallon reservoir and a controller unit.

Pros and Cons

All products have their good points and not-so-good points, and the WaterFarm is no exception. Here are some of the highs and potential lows to consider if you're thinking about trying this product. 


·        A Complete Kit. Provides everything you need to get started in hydroponics except for the seeds.

·        Reliability and Quality. This is a proven product from a well-established company.

·        Excellent for Newbies. Though not the cheapest kit, this is likely the best kit for inexperienced hydroponic growers.

·        Easy Maintenance. This system is easier to manage and maintain than many competing systems.


·        Price. Though most would agree that the WaterFarm delivers fair value for the cost, it's not the cheapest system on the market.

·        Pump Issues. A few users have complained about reliability issues with the pump (the company recently switched to a new pump which may solve the problem with new kits).

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You Might Also Consider...

If you're interested in GH's WaterFarm, you might also want to consider the General Hydroponics PowerGrower system.

It's very similar to the WaterFarm, but offers a few refinements such as the hexagonal shape, and larger reservoir and growing chamber. Might be more suitable for growing large plants.

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