Backyard Gardening for Food and Fun!

What’s so great about backyard gardening?

Well, if you’re doing it already, you know. But for those who may be thinking about starting a backyard garden, consider the following: 

Gardening is a great source of exercise...

Did you know that an hour of gardening burns roughly the same amount of calories as walking at a moderate pace for an hour? It’s true, and the bonus is that at the end of that hour you have something to show for your efforts! 

Gardening provides a connection with nature...

Many of us spend our lives ensconced in a cocoon of modern technology. And that's kind of unfortunate.

Nothing wrong with technology, but being able to commune with nature on a regular basis adds some balance to our lives.

Gardening can be a source of healthy, tasty, nutritious food

These homegrown tomatoes tasted just as good as they look!

Have you ever taken a bite from a vine-ripe, tasty tomato that you just picked, still warm from the summer sun?

Have you ever plucked a perfect peach from your own tree, and savored the flavor with the juice dribbling off your chin?

If so, then you know what I’m talkin’ bout!

If not, start planning that garden! Because for the most part, food that you grow yourself will be FAR superior to what’s available in the supermarket. 

Gardening can be just plain fun!

Watching a tiny seed sprout and grow into a magnificent plant is an absolute delight – one that I never tire of. It’s almost like witnessing a miracle.

Yes, I know, it’s all about genetic codes and chemical reactions, but it seems miraculous. And it’s fun to watch and lend a guiding hand to the process. 

There Are Many Different Ways to Garden...

If you happen not to have a backyard, and are feeling a bit left out -- don’t worry. You can be a ‘backyard’ gardener too.

Even if you live smack in the middle of a big bad city, as long as you have access to a balcony, a rooftop, a sunny windowsill, or even a bit of extra space on a bookshelf or counter top, you can be a gardener.

In fact, just a few square feet of indoor floor space is all you really need to get in on the fun of gardening.

In this website, we’ll explore all of the possibilities for modern hobby gardening, and provide lots of great, detailed, how-to information.

Happy gardening! 

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